style : modern nautical

15 Mar

so, it’s not officially spring, but it’s totally summer in florida already. which means i better hurry up and share all these winter-y looking outfits before it’s completely ridiculous. i actually take an outfit photo almost every day, but i just have been a little lazy with blogging lately and haven’t been posting them all very soon after i wear them. ah well. it happens.

i loved how this outfit came together. i was scrambling around with just a few minutes to pick something out, and i stumbled upon that cute stripey cami in the bottom of a drawer. completely forgot i had it, so it was fun to work it into an outfit. i think the woven belt paired with the stripes and navy blue touches give the whole thing a bit of a modern nautical look.

ta ta for now!


cardigan: LOFT via sandy’s saavy chic resale boutique

cami: old navy

skirt: target

wedges: payless



14 Mar

hello there, lovelies. i’ve got like 20 minutes to write to you today, over lunch, as usual.

speaking of writing, i feel like i haven’t really done much actual writing lately. and here’s my theory why.

it’s threefold.

1. i’m busy. you know, watching marathons of big bang theory and other such mega-important things.

2. i post alot of outfits, which don’t always beg for much writing. in fact, i think the less words on an outfit post the better.

3. the name of this new little blog o’ mine intimidates me. a little lovely. oh man! my goal is to bring you the lovely, but sometimes i feel less than lovely inside and out…so should i write about things that are less than lovely? what really qualifies as lovely? can i make up my own definition of lovely?

well, crap. i’m overthinking this thing.

so there you have it. the rumblings in my jumbled brain. it’s funny, i used to post about ANYTHING on my old blog. and it didn’t make a lick of sense, because it was a photo blog littered with outfit posts and personal stuff, but i just did it anyway because i felt like it and it was (gasp!) fun. 

now i’ve got all this self-imposed responsibility to share loveliness with you, when sometimes what’s lovely to me at any given moment is something that would not be considered lovely by any webster definition of the word, but would definitely be considered lovely by my definition of the word.

le sigh.

want to know what i find lovely lately? well, it’s this video clip (which i couldn’t embed because grumpy people disabled the embedding for this video).

wendy’s definition of lovely today = bazinga!

style: (not this) weekend wear

11 Mar

i didn’t wear this outfit this weekend. i wore it some much colder weekend in december. or maybe january. whenever it was, it wasn’t this weekend. because i spent the majority of this weekend spring cleaning my apartment, and yeahhhh…shorts with paint on them and old tank tops don’t make for very pretty pictures. so you get this outfit instead. the breakdown…tights, ballet flats, and a flower pin. done, done, and done.


vest: old navy

flower pin: forever 21

shorts: urban outfitters

flats: urban outfitters


7 Mar

soo, we bought a groupon.

a groupon for a vacation.

a ziplining and kayaking vacation.

a ziplining and kayaking vacation in the middle of february.

in the middle of february on the coldest weekend of the year.

geniuses, aren’t we?

ziplining was more or less successful (ie, we survived it, barely), but kayaking…

well, when it’s 30 degrees outside, this florida girl ain’t getting in no kayak.

so, we made lemonade out of our frozen lemons and decided to explore pensacola beach instead.

i had my camera with me (duh), so i made jacquie be my model for a spontaneous beach shoot.

she may or may not have taken a few photos of me too, which i may or may not share sometime soon. 🙂

style : black and blue…and brown?

7 Mar

yep, i’m wearing black, blue, brown and tan.

and it totally works.

whouda thunk it?

tip of the day: forget you ever heard that black and brown don’t go together. dirty lies, i tell you! they are both neutrals, so they go with everything…even each other.


cardigan: target via sandy’s saavy chic resale boutique


belt: forever 21

ballet flats: old navy


5 Mar

one of my best friends got married on saturday.

i wasn’t the photographer, but i just couldn’t help taking a few pictures.

i mean, it’s hannah. i had to.

isn’t she gorgeous?

love you, boo. so, so happy for you and dom. 🙂


p.s. i took the photos above, 
but kati bear photography was the official photog. 
check her site for more photos from the wedding!

style : robin sparkles

1 Mar

lately i’ve been obsessed with watching how i met your mother. hence the post title. (if you caught the robin sparkles reference, then you go, glen coco!)

no but really…it’s my fave thing to find a show i haven’t watched in real life (or real time? whatever, you get me) and catch up on it en masse on netflix. i’ve blazed through LOST (which i did watch in real life but missed the final season so obvs i had to go back and rewatch all of the episodes before i could touch those final precious episodes), watched all four seasons of mad men (twice!!), all three seasons of united states of tara (which was cancelled in a terrible judgement call by whoever the people are who are mean and cancel my fave shows) and now i’m onto HIMYM (abbreviations are cool). thank goodness there are about a bazillion episodes of HIMYM, because i’m going to be one sad puppy when i catch back up to the show in real life and then realize i caught it between seasons and then the newest season isn’t available on netflix and wahhhhhh. because that would so happen to me.

but i digress. this post is not about my obsession with enjoyment of netflix. this post is about sparkles in general, and how i like to wear them, and how sparkles on top of sparkles are always a winning combo. really, that’s all i’ve got to say, which is why i had to pad this post with the above ramblings.

wear sparkles, they are sparkly. oh, and get creative. that sparkly tank top you wear out on saturday nights? throw it over a structured button-down, and layer on that sparkly necklace you wore to a cocktail party, and you are bringing on the sparkles in cubicle-appropriate kinda way.

is it just me, or is the word “sparkly” starting to sound really weird? sparkly…sparkly….spaaaarrrkkklllyyyy…


 button-down: banana republic

 sparkly tank top: old navy

 sparkly necklace: banana republic outlet